Here I Go Again On my Own

So, my last post was the first day of my Reverse Diet.

The following day my hubby got laid off and we spent the next couple of months in chaos relocating from Portland, to Madawaska, aka-Canada.

However chaotic the move, we have found such unbelievable blessings up here. But alas, my reverse diet lasted, a day. Ugh.

Since then I have been itching and itching to get back into prep and back with a coach. Unfortunately, we are still adjusting from a very costly move and are pay check to pay check on a good week. The average costs for coaches, for even online training, is bananas. I’m a mom of two small children. I work literally sun up to sun down, and then find time between those two jobs (because YES, motherhood is its own job,) to juggle studying for school (Nursing), work outs, meal prep and wifey lifey. It’s not reasonable to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for coaching. I completely understand that the coach is more then likely well worth every single penny, but from the ordinary person like myself, these prices don’t sell! As a mother, I find it hard trying to justify to my family why I would take hundreds and hundreds of dollars away from them. Its not feasible. Its not reasonable. Why not adjust your prices to help more people? Do coaches and trainers out there think about all the people who probably want help but cant afford the costs?

Sigh..My post is not meant to complain although it may have ended up with a bit of that. I don’t understand the whole coach/personal training world but I can speculate on wanting to improve myself and living in an economy where this is not possible to do with personal training prices these days. My post was to hold myself accountable for my goals, which was the whole point of my blog when I started it, umm…a year ago?! BIG SIGH.

A couple weeks ago I decided that I was done waiting and saving for a coach. My family still needs so much that affording coaching will not be a possibility for me for a long time, as much as I would like to make it so. So I am going to start and go at it…alone.

Allow the shock to sink in for a moment. I had to, hah!

I have truly spent hours and hours and hours researching all there could possibly be about reverse diet, carb cycling diet, bikini prep diet, supplements, workouts, the human body/muscles and the exercises that work them, nutrition, form and on and on. I have notebooks filled with all Ive learned and I also am lucky enough to have a couple month’s experience with a coach this past spring. I learned a lot in those two months and I will apply it all to my plan.

My number one goal is to enter into the body building model search. I will likely still try for a bikini show because I think that will give me incentive and help along the way. I absolutely realize that I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not college-educated on such but I truly believe after speaking with many, and with the support and guidance of all the social media I can really meet a lot of my goals. Trial and error, but that’s how some of the best people have come to light on their own.

So, like I said above, I decided this a couple weeks ago. I have not worked out in almost a week now. I have been so sick and so frustrated from being sick. Today is Saturday and I have the day off and my lovely, beautiful hubby let me sleep in till 11 while he watched the littles. This really let me catch up on some rest. I spent the rest of the day studying math and catching up on that and hydrating myself. I havn’t been able to eat more then chicken noodle soup, candy (I crave when I’m sick-WTF), and cereal. So all the more frustrating when I can’t work out is when I can’t even eat right to balance it. Tonight I’ll try my best to stuff this face with fresh greens and chicken soup, and continue hydrating and PRAY I wake up better tomorrow.

So I am very anxious to begin my plan. Ive got it so well planned out right now and Im just waiting until this sick butt is better. I can’t wait to begin, I’ll post my macros (which I track through my fitness plan) and also add when I increase/if I need to decrease,  My work outs, my before and after photo updates, etc.

Here I go, (again) on my own..

See what I did there?  🙂







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