Reverse Diet: Ready, Set, Go!

Ah! Hello fellow bloggers!

It has been quite some time since I have even written anything, let alone blogged.

Starting tomorrow I am  beginning my own Reverse Diet program. It will be a minimum of 4 months, maximum of (5 just to give this program a specific time length-time frames ALWAYS vary). This is my first time doing it, I am NOT a nutritionist or a physical trainer or anything like that so I am doing this purely out of LOTS of research (thank you educational) and reading other people’s experiments doing the reverse diet program.

It has become quite a phenomenon recently. What first caught my eye about it was quotes like, “binge eating”, “strict caloric diets”, “stand still/plateau weight problems”-And of course the number one thing that really stands out and gives this diet it’s name was, “eating more, gaining less fat and adding more lean muscle.”

So, I am just doing this to track and see how it really works, of course I have this planned out, and I will do my very best to keep myself educated on the ways of doing this, I also welcome any critique and advice! I am by no means offended by help!

I have a pretty nice scale thanks to my lovely boyfriend and he programmed me in Friday night. I am going to stick with early morning weigh ins because I feel like that is the most accurate. So, as of today I am 162.4, with a body fat percentage of 31.2%. I am starting my calories at 1900, I have been keeping them between 1700-1800 and had been stuck at 165 for quite some time, so I will be very interested to see how this goes! I am doing the recommended approach of bigger jump start. So for starting week my macros look like this:

Protein: 165 gm  (body weight)

Fats: 50 gm

Carbs: 191 gm

So like I said above, my first week will be a bigger approach which is what most research I have done suggests, so I will increase my carbs by 15 grams (whoo-hoo!) and my fats by 5 grams (yes!). After that I will do a more conservative approach and add 10 grams of carbs each week and 2 grams of fat. So, that being said I am also greatly aware that one of the biggest recommendations that I read was listening to your body and adjusting these macros when needed. I will do this and document along the way! I would be lying if I said that I was not just a little bit skeptical about this. It does sound very strange to be eating more, doing less cardio and somehow gain lean muscle and relatively no fat. But somehow, fitness athletes and hundreds of people have overcome things as difficult as eating disorders with this approach. So, I also have a lot of faith.

Sorry if this blog seems to be all over the place as well, I am extremely over tired and made myself promise to do this blog on Sunday since I’ll be starting tomorrow, here it is.. 11:29 PM hehehe…story of a busy mom’s life! I will also add another blog in with just more general information about my macros, the reverse diet how to’s that I have learned and just some information about myself and why I’m doing this!

Will continue to update and promise it will be more fun to read! Wish me luck!







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